Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Scene Steeler...

...and then there's this story, about Terry O'Neill, a Steelers fan who had a heart attack when Jerome Bettis fumbled in the waning moments of the Indy-Pittsburgh game.

O'Neill says Bettis is his hero, and he was upset with the idea the player might have ended his career with an error.

"I wasn't upset that the Steelers might lose," O'Neill told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I was upset because I didn't want to see him end his career like that. A guy like that deserves better. I guess it was a little too much for me to handle."

I'm thinking Jerome would have been upset about the the last moments of the game...going in for a game-sealing touchdown. But if you're really concerned about Jerome, here's an idea, Terry (and here's where I'm making some assumptions). Get outside, get some exercise, and eat a couple of vegetables today...and tomorrow.
From now on, O'Neill says he will probably just take it easy and watch future games at home.

You might also want to NOT watch the game this week. What's going to happen if Big Ben throws an INT? They'll probably have to cart him off the field.

Still, James Henry Smith set a Pittsburgh precedent set for that as well...

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