Monday, October 03, 2005

October...I love it!

Herewith, my predictions for the Fall Classic:

First round of the playoffs:
American League:
Yankees v. Angels: I like the Angels in this match up....I really do.....BUT: That having been said, I think the Yankees will win for two reasons: First, they're the freakin' Yankees. Second, they know if they win the get to either face the Red Sox or say they're better than the Red Sox. That's enough for them.

Boston v. ChiSox: My beloved idiots are trying soooooo hard not to implode. They get by the Other Sox, barely, to face off against the Evil Empire.

National League:
Cards v. Padres: Cards. Please. The Padres should just mail it in, like they did with the rest of their season.

Braves v. Astros: Yeeesh! Tough pick, but you have to believe with their momentum and pitching, the Astros are the team to beat, especially in a short series. Plus, in the end, the Braves are inevitably going to be the Braves. Hats off (AGAIN!) to Bobby Freakin' Cox, who would probably make the playoffs with Helen Keller in left field, and one-armed octagenarian playing catcher. As a Phillies fan, I hate him. As a baseball fan, I respect him immensely.

Boston v. Yankees: BoSox in 6, with just too much firepower.
Astros v. Cards: Astros in 5 with better pitching. Sorry Lou.

The World Series...
Boston v. Astros in the World Series…this is the way it should be: GREAT HITTING against GREAT PITCHING. Give the nod to my beloved Sawks, who've come up big against tough pitching in clutch situations and find a way to claw out on top.

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