Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is it in the Cards?

As a Red Sox and Phillies Phan, I'm long past caring who wins the World Series. At this point, I am just a baseball fan. But, I have to say I've been drawn to the series between the Cardinals and the Astros, in a high-drama baseball kind of way. So, I stayed up and watched the game...all of it. Which is why I have to laugh at my friend Lou, who turned off the game after the Berkman blast put the 'Stros up by two. Or his brother, who, unbelievably, turned the game off when Pujols came up to bat, missing what could quite possibly become the most important single play in franchise history.

Both of them slept through the blast that will make Albert Pujols more of an icon than he aready is. And, let's face it, if the Cardinals go on to win the series, he'll probably be canonized, or something... If it wasn't for the plexiglass at the back of the stadium, the ball could have ended up in Lou's back yard...and he would have woken up today and said, "Who's been playing ball in my backyard?" and thrown the ball in the bin in the garage.

Which brings me to another thought. Every baseball game is 27 outs. Play 'em all. Always.

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