Sunday, July 17, 2016

Southcentral PA Noodling

I went for a ride with my buddies Roger, Vern, and Brad. Roger showed up with his recently completed redo of his gorgeous Ducati 990. I love this bike!

Our crew is an eclectic group, to say the least. When you see groups of riders out and about, there is almost always a unifying theme. Harley riders, crotch-rocket kids, veterans, gangs, and the like. But we have Brad's long-distance sport tourer (Kawasaki Concours), Vern's cruiser (Harley-Davidson), Roger's 990, and my dual-sport adventure bike. I sometimes wonder what people think when they see the four of us, especially people who know riding. Truth be told, the thing that brings us togetheer is going to the same Bible study for more that a dozen years and a love of riding.

We took back roads down to a scenic overlook, King's Gap, which offers a spectaculaar view of the entire Cumberlandd Valley. It's funny, I used to live near there and never knew it existed until quite recently. We wound our way up to the top and looked out. It was amazing. Took a quick snap, and then we were back in the saddle for the next section.

From here we went to the South Mountain Restoration Center. This is an intriguing spot, once used to help kids with tuberculosis recover. It's at a higher elevation (1600 feet) and it help clear the patients. Today, most of it sits idle.

We rode down out of here, and shortly thereafter saw an 8+ foot snake in the road. I don't normally get the heebies with snakes, but this was easily the largest snake I have ever seen. I'm glad we all misssed it on our bikes, especially since it was World Snake Day.

We rode through Michaux State Forest and Caledonia State Park, out the other side to Waynesboro, home of the Frontier BBQ. This is some of the nicest riding in the region, and we were not disappointed. We got to the Frontier and parked in next to some likeminded BBQ lovers.

I think anytime you arrive at a place that has the words "hickory smoked" and "bullhawg sandwich" on the walls, you're in for something special.

I was torn. I wanted a brisket sandwich, 100% beef slow-cooked to absolute perfection. But, I also wanted a bullhawg,, a half-beef, half-pork, monstrosity of godzilla-like proportions, designed to be eaten/slurped/chewed/worn with reckless abandon. So, I did what any redblooded American would do. I ordered them both, with a coke.

I'm not mentioning names, but one of those fools ordered a DIET. Like that's going to make a difference.

On the way out, II saw an old street rod. It was really cool, but the last time I was here, the chainsaw artist had a 9 foot sasquatch. It was nowhere to be seen this time, and I was seriously bummed. Bigfoot is for real.

Here is a shot of me with my Squatchy friend. Better days - hope you are well.

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