Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Commute - Beauty in Pennsylvania

Scenes from my work commute, today. It was a little chilly heading in today (the mercury dipped down to 39 degrees and I was surprised to see an "ICE" warning on my dash. I was glad to have layered in a fleece lined windbreaker, but it might be getting time to break out the heated liner. I realize I also need to find some good cold-weather gloves. Even with the handguards and heated grips, the outsides of my hands felt cold by the time I arrived at work.

The ride home was a little warmer in the low-to-mid 50s. The sun came out, and it was absolutely amazing to be outside.

At one point, I just got off the bike and shuffled around in the leaves. It doesn't have that hard crunch of late Fall; the leaves are still soft and wet. But, you can smell the decay of the season under the leaves when you disturb the surface. One of my favorite things about riding is just what a multisensory experience it is, and I realized that I noticed the change to Fall this year through smell and feel before my eyes saw it.

Just messing around a little with point-of-focus.

Yes, it really is this beautiful in Pennsylvania right now.

One last shot...

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