Wednesday, July 22, 2015


FARKLING is like eating potato chips. You can't do just one, and as way leads on to way, it's easy to lose track of time, space, and probably money as well, unil you hit the bottom of the chip bag. Or, your wallet.

The new windscreen solved some of the issues, but not all of them. The buffeting was lessened, though not eliminated, and a lot of the noise remained. One of my favorite sites for learning about riding is Adventure Rider, which features a fantastic forum for asking questions. I connected with Dave, who recommended Aztec Spacers, which create even smoother airflow through the screen by making it stand up straighter.

He actually had an extra set and sent them to me. For free. Because sometimes people are just cool like that. They just arrived, so I set about putting them on.
 Out came the Allen wrenchees...again, with the Allen wrenches!!!
The two larger spacers screw on behind the screen on the top, while the shorter one screws on the bottom, creating the more upright position.
Once I installed the spacers with a simple hand-tighten, I put the screen back on. The holes didn't match up (do they ever? Honestly?) and then just tightened the screen back on. It helped to do the top screws first, as they were a little harder to finagle into position. 

Then, the bottom one..
 You can see the space created by the Aztecs.
 Simple, elegant, easy installation.
The test ride was good. The buffeting is almost completely gone. A little toying with the top of the visor improved it even more, to the point where it is almost a non-issue. The noise is still there, but that too is reduced. I suspect most of that is from the wind coming over the space next to the bottom of the screen. There is a small area that angles up, creating a sort of wind ramp, and I think that it is this area that is letting the last of the noise in. 
I will eradicate it. I will win. In the meantime, a HUGE THANKS to Dave, and a few more gratuitous bike shots...


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