Friday, April 05, 2013

50 Things To Do When You're Sick

My daughter is sick. She is bored. So here is her list of 50 things to do when you're sick:
1) Watch Spanish soap operas and shoot Nerf guns at the villains. 
2) Make an origami bird
3) Make origami binoculars to look at your origami bird
4) crumple the origami binoculars - Bam! Origami snake!
5) Grow a cat from scratch
6) get hopped up on your meds and prank call your parents at work
7) wash your dog so he doesn't smell like a cracker
8) Pretend to be a doctor and shine a flashlight down your throat as you say "Ahhhhh"...
9) Start a fake disease, claim you have, then set up a website accepting donations for a cure
10) Find the Elder Wand
11) Wear your dog as a hat; cats work too....sometimes. 
12) Microwave a Peep and see what happens. 
13) Glue a sock to our nose and pretend to be an elephant
14) ask a parent what they thought was funny back in the day on TV, then see if you can find it funny. For example:
15) Shave a bear
16) Pretend you are a tiger waiting for your prey, then pounce on the mailman and ATTACK! 
17) write a story
18) pretend you're a tornado and rampage through the house. 
19) Pretend you're a tomato and sits in a bowl
20) Translate what your pets are saying
21) Text your friends. A lot. So when they turn their phone on at lunch, it blows up. 
22) throw things to the squirrels. Or at the squirrels. 
23) Adventure Time Marathon!
24) Spend some time upside down...unless you have the stomach flu. That's where it gets "interesting"...
25) Paint your nails
26) Repaint your nails 
27) Exfoliate your dog
28) Organize your room....yes, my father came up with that one. Yarg.
29) Walk and text at the same time
30) Get your Zombiepocalypse plan in order 
31) Get your life plan together - but only AFTER you have done #30
32) color your pet's hair
33) Color in a coloring book - it's more soothing than you think
34) Hit stuffs with a hammer - also oddly soothing
35) Name your teeth
36) Write a letter 
37) Draw a picture to go with the letter
38) draw a picture of what you think the germs that are making you sick look like
39) Look them up on the Intarwebz and see if you were right
40) Call QVC and start a conversation with the operator
41) Sue someone - bonus points if her name is Sue
42) Organize your shoes....oooooh, forgot I had those!
43) Type with your nose...I just typed that with my nose
44) Make a treasure map
45) Play hide and seek with yourself 
46) Create a pillow fort 
47) Make up an accent and speak like that all day long, including when you call QVC
48) Make yourself a picnic
49) Pretend you're a dinosaur and stomp through the house 
50) Make a crazy list


Behr Whitewash said...

A comprehensive list representative of a great Fish/Bait upbringing!

I will provide as a resource to the next Behr cub when they are sick.

It's good to see the blog active again!


Tech Info Know said...

Great tips for me when I am dying.