Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sixth Annual Caddyshack Neighbor Dinner

We have a neighborhood tradition that we have had since the year we moved into the neighborhood, six (or is it seven? I can never remember) years ago. When we first moved here, we saw one of our neighbors at a local outdoor-deck-style eatery, The Caddyshack.

The Caddyshack is set on a golf course and offers good hotwings, cold beer and the kind of family menu that is bound to make everyone, including the kids, happy. The one place The Caddyshack has failed, and the reason it is an annual trip instead of a weekly excursion (aside from it being a seasonal place, closed from November to March), is that it has always had terrible service. Always. Like set-your-clock-by-it-because-you-know-it's-coming-again-this-year bad service.

This year, we ordered our drinks. The drinks came and they were all correct. We ordered our food and mentioned we were really hungry. The appetizer came out first, and quickly. Then, the meals came, just as quickly. My drink ran out. It was replaced, as was everyone else's. We finished. We waited...but not for long. Not for the eternity that would have, and in the past, has, ruined our meals. No. The check came out and everything was right.

If I had gone there first yesterday, I might have bet a 50-1 horse in the Derby. No matter, it's surely a sign of the Apocalypse and very soon money won't matter.

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Fishmagic said...

I picked a 30-1 horse in our work pool, now I wish I would have pulled the 50-1 horse.

Burnin' my money after I write this.