Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

From the FaceBook Ap of the same name...

1. I like ellipses....a lot...

2. I love the way it feels when I'm on my bike and in a paceline and everyone is clicking through the gears and the hammer's down. Pure poetry.

3. I miss the sea. A lot. I often want to just get up early and go watch a sunrise. I just recently shared this with my 11 yo daughter, and she wants to go. Game on.

4. I love that my daughter is my constant companion and is always up for ANY adventure, even when Mom is not. The mundane becomes interesting and the interesting becomes incredible.

5. I get a lot of support from my men's Bible group. It's a place where I go to be real and to get grounded. When Shakespeare wrote, "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers" he could have been talking about these guys.

6. My mom is the toughest person I know. Don't laugh. She could still kick your ass, too.

7. I really like to read. Most nights I need to read to fall asleep. I'm still nowhere near the reader my wife is. But, I read every word.

8. I correct the grammar in books. Including library books. I figure if you're going to the library, and taking the time to check the book out, you might appreciate a correction more than the next person. My Mother-in-Law does this too, and it's one of the things I respect about her. I haven't proofread this entry.

9. I get seasonal affective disorder. Sometimes it's worse than others. Sunlight and exercise help a great deal.

10. I want to travel more. I don't want to wait to do it.

11. One of my favorite memories of my dad is when I was running track in high school. I looked up and he was unexpectedly there, standing by the railing, yelling my name.

12. I actually like my job. It sounds weird, but a lot of days I wake up and I'm thankful, not just to have a job, but to have this job, and to be working with the people there.

13. I survived cancer and getting hit and run over by a pickup the same month. Two years later I still wake up every day and thank God for the time I have had.

14. I went to Belarus (former Soviet Union, but still very much like the old USSR...even has a KGB) to build a swingset for orphans. I went because I thought I could help them. They helped me far more, and still do.

15. My favorite snack food is pretzels.

16. I used to hate yams and avocadoes. Now I would buy them in bulk, if I could...

17. I am a good cook. I don't say that to brag, but because I believe everyone should be good at something, and that's what I am good at. I don't order risotto at a restaurant because it's never as good as mine.

18. When I think of my childhood, I remember my mom's chicken dinner. It's still one of the things i like to cook, and I hope someday my daughter looks back and appreciates my cooking as much as I do my own mothers...and that she remembers the smells, and how they made her feel.

19. I hate that Kurt Enck is older than me and still faster in triathlons. And that i have been unable to train since November.

20. I was a teacher. I still miss the kids. The parents? Not so much...

21. Sometimes I worry about the world in which my daughter is being raised. Then, I am alternately hopeful because she is a part of it. That having been said, I am more optimistic about the general state of affairs than I have been in eight years.

22. I don't watch television much. I like talking about television even less.

23. When I was a kid, my brother and I painted our neighbor's lawn blue, just because it was fun. Sometimes I miss that about him....and me.

24. I like jazz and the blues, but don't know (m)any other people who do.

25. I love Pennsylvania because we have all four seasons and they are well-balanced. The changes always catch me a little off-guard, no matter how much i anticipate them. I like that.

26. I always try to exceed expectations.

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