Monday, July 07, 2008


We went to visit my mother this weekend and she looked GREAT! She got a haircut and colored her normally light color hair a dark brunette--kind of sassy, I think. She is pretty much confined to a wheelchair except for her therapy. We went for a walk/roll and talked for a long time and played some hangman with the family. I could not believe my mother had never played hangman. How do you get to that age and live in America and never play hangman? Still, she picked it up as quickly as any kid and we had lots of fun.

The facility seems very nice and Mom is already making friends, as much with the staff as with the residents. Her roommate situation is not so good, but that is actually scheduled to change this mom is hoping for a window seat. I am too. The doctors continue to be amazed by her progress. I am simply thankful, and count myself fortunate I know Whom to thank.

Small Miracles
We were talking this weekend at my men's group about how God is capable of great things, but that He is just as reliable in small things. Last night my wife was tearing apart her closet, ripping the room apart in a search for some clothing she had recently purchased, but had lost. She had been looking for it for about two weeks. She had searched everywhere, but was now making a really, truly, dog-gone, concerted effort to really, reallly, REALLY find it. I just said a quick prayer to ask God to help her in her quest and went to get in the shower. As I was stepping in, I heard my wife's voice shout out, "FOUND IT!!!!"

I just smiled...probably just a coincidence, right?


Redlefty said...

Great news about your mom!

Lisa said...

Tell her brunettes actually are the ones having all the fun.

I'm amazed at the hangman issue as well...seriously??

Seriously glad to hear she's better and in good spirits. Doctors are just educated humans, doesn't mean they know it all.