Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mango 5.0

I woke up and it was cold. I knew it the second I was awake. My body kept telling me to stay in bed. I gazed across the bed, bleary eyed, at the clock: 5:26. You have to be kidding? Do you know how cold it is going to be out there? Yes.

I sat up in bed. Not even the dog was going to get up with me at this hour. I went in to the bathroom and drank two cups of water and grabbed my gear from the closet. My new hat and reflective jacket were waiting to be used--my wife's Merry Christmas to me. She insisted on the Mango color (yes, it's REALLY called Mango), because it was brighter, and less likely to get me run over.

"I love that woman," I thought.
The bitter-angry-part of my body that still wanted to be in bed replied, "If it weren't for her, we'd still be sleeping like smart people everywhere."

I went downstairs, made the coffee and headed out the door. Turns out I was right--it was cold...only, not as cold as I thought. I found my stride quickly. I started up the hill at the half-mile mark and was feeling pretty warm. At a little past the one mile mark, I had to take the hat off. At that point I was feeling really good and decided to make it a longer run than I initially planned. I made the right out toward the high school.

It started to snow. I put the hat back on, but Iw as still feeling pretty good, nice and warm. I got to the turnaround. It was suddenly thrust upon me why I was doing so well. The first 70% of my run had been done with a tailwind. There was a 15 mph wind in my face...with gusts of about 30 mph.

"There's only one way home," I said.
"Dumbass," said Mr. Bitter.

I turned for home, then made the longer turn that would make this a 5 mile run, just to shut mr. Bitter up. He did. I climbed the last challenging hill and knew I was cruising for home. I said a prayer of thanks, running through the snow, that I was still strong enough to do this.

I went to the store and made breakfast. I'm looking at the clock now. It's 8.30. THAT is a FULL morning.


Joe said...

Nice run! I'm trying to get back into the morning run habit. Tough stuff.

Redlefty said...

Very impressive, Mr. Mango!

FishrCutB8 said...

Mornings are a bear, especially in PA. Can't imagine it wuld be TOO much easier in Arkansas, but still...

Eric Oliver said...

Your wife is a gem. Mine is too. I got a pair of winterweight bib tights, another jersey, and a pair of full-fingered gloves. Those should make the cold, foggy morning rides into Monterey a lot more enjoyable. Unfortunately, I am in Nebraska at the moment, and my bike is back at home in CA. I can't wait to test-ride them.
...and a healthy and prosperous new year to you.

FishrCutB8 said...

Nebraska? man...I'm sorry. Hard to be away from the family, but Iknow the will make it up to you when you get home.

Re: foggy morning rides--get a head light and some flashing taillights my friend. In the words of Mr. Burt Bacharach, "I hope I'll never get the reeeeeeeeear again."

Lieutenant Dan said...

Very nice

My Tzarina also got me something to keep me warm - Gerbings heated gloves for the motorcycle - VERY nice.

Mango is awesome - whatagal that wife of yours!

I ran errrrrrrr jogged 6 miles today - gotta start the new year-off right man ! Wish had a fancy Mango jacket !

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the Mango Jacket?

FishrCutB8 said...

HaHa! I could be a trendsetter. "Mango. It's the new black!" My wife got it at Revel Sports, online:

Quick service, no problems. One thing to note--the jacket fits snugly, so the sizes are true. Mine was sized to fit a 42-44 chest and it is snug, which is the way I like it, but others may want more room.