Friday, July 28, 2006

On the First Leg of the Journey...

Note: I did not take a lot of pictures on this trip, so I’m relying on other team members for their photographs. I’ll fill in the blanks as best I can until I get those shots.

The ride from Harrisburg, PA to New York was very long. We ran into traffic jams from Newark all the way into and through the city. You hear a lot about New York Drivers: cutting people off, one finger waves, weaving through traffic, jumping into every opening, motorcycles shooting through the middle “lane” of traffic jams. It’s all true.

Still, there is nothing like seeing the skyline of New York City. I especially enjoyed looking out into the harbor as we went over the bridge and seeing the Statue of Liberty. It was my first post-9/11 trip to the city, and the emotions I felt were unexpected. Sure the traffic is a pain in the butt, but NYC is still an amazing city.

That having been said, the traffic was so bad, we began to worry about missing our flight, from NYC to Warsaw aboard LOT airlines. We arrived at 4.30 for our 6.20 flight, got through airport security and found our flight was delayed an hour. Brad assures me it will be two hours. He is right…sort of. We board at 8.30, but then sit on the runway for another 40 minutes. Takeoff is a beautiful thing, even though its 2 ½ hours late. Still, I’m thinking if that’s the worst thing we run into, we’re doing okay.

An uneventful 9 hour flight later, we are in Warsaw, Poland.


Minka said...

I must say that being of Polish decent, I get rather tired of the jokes, but... this is not a joke. When I flew to Warsaw in 1985 on LOT airlines the smoking/non smoking areas were divided straight down the middle of the plane! Really! And the city is absolutely beautiful, as well as the people. Just like Rob says.

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