Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Space for Oddity

For some reason, it's just been a weird week. To wit:

God Endorses Governor
First, God, who is normally Republican (I am told) has come out and endorsed Ed Rendell, according to the Reverend Carl Vining. See the story HERE.
During a voter awareness event in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday, the incumbent Democrat received word via a Lycoming County minister — a registered Republican, no less — that God has “decreed” he will be re-elected to a second term.

“I was a little stunned, to be honest,” a smiling governor said afterward.

Apparently, the Reverend has a direct line...
“The God of Israel said, ‘One more term,’” the Rev. Vining told Mr. Rendell.

The announcement sparked applause from some in attendance and chuckles from others. The Rev. Vining later insisted it’s no joke.

“God spoke to me to tell Governor Ed Rendell that he was anointed by the God of Israel for another term,” he told a reporter. “That means he’s going to win the election.”

Did God give a reason?

“God has his own reasoning. It’s the will of our father in Heaven,” the Rev. Vining said.

Mission Statement: Possible
The new VP of Sales decreed each of his employees should come up with a personal mission statement. My friend and colleague Mike found this site, which is absolutely perfect.

My first spin: Our business is dedicated to improving the full range of our dynamic metamorphisis by performance and added value second to none.

The scary part? It was better than what I had at that point. Still, developing a mission statement is a surprisingly good exercise. I am really big into self-improvement and learning new things. Quite frankly, I have been surprised by how this process is focusing me. I'll post mine when I finish.

If you would like to do it, too, there are a couple of good sites I'd recommend. Here is one. Here is another.


Redlefty said...

Guess the God of Israel wants to dabble in state politics too. It's all his jurisdiction, right? I had a woman once tell me God spoke to her on the toilet. If that's not a "mysterious way" of working, I don't know what is. :)

Pretty cool mission statement sites!

FishrCutB8 said...

God does work in mysterious ways....and places.