Wednesday, February 08, 2006

C-I-L-L the Refs!

Let's face it: The referees are terrible. They don't know how to call things correctly. They don't hear very well, either. And now we find out, they can't even spell. I'm not talking about the Big Football Game (I'm not sure I am allowed to say Superbowl...). I'm talking about the Reno Nevada Spelling Bee.

Apparently, Sara Beckman spelled "discernible" correctly but got rung up anyway. There was no immediate dispute, so she lost her right to appeal. Her parents are doing what any red-blooded American Family would do. They're considering suing:
Her mother, Cindy, calls herself a "momma bear with her bear claws out" and is ready to go to court.

A school spokesperson responded:
[H]e hopes everybody can sit down together and work something out. He says defending a lawsuit over a spelling bee isn't a good way to spend school district money.

Sara says she'd just like another chance, since it's her last spelling bee.

Sara, you're going to have lots of chances to spell things correctly. It's called life.


Redlefty said...

And some kids think it's embarassing when their mom is with them at the mall. How about when your mom takes your school to court over a SPELLING BEE?!

That girl just ain't gonna be right for a long time after she leaves that house.

FishrCutB8 said...

THAT's a great perspective...brought a laugh. Thanks RL!